It’s a Cool beans type of outfit

By Alexi Markou

It’s a Cool beans type of outfit

October 22, 2016 Uncategorized 0

IMG_1077Hey people! Today I have my first outfit to show you all. This outfit can be worn going out with friends or just a casual day outfit that is super cool beans. (LOL i’m really pale, sorry you have to see that, I understand if you want to leave my blog but it will get better please stay.)

The  first thing to my outfit is the shirt from a store from Tin Pan Alley in West Monroe, Louisiana with many cool bean designs on it and colors that go great with the plain blue jeans that are from Kohls. Next I have these really unique shoes that are converse with lemons on them along with a couple of pink lemons too, I got these from Kohls also. The last part of this little outfit is the hat of your choice I went with this floppy brown hat from H&M and I lose curled my hair with a technique I learned using a flat iron.




I give this outfit a 12/10 you should try it but not only with the outfit I showed you, but make this outfit in your own unique style!


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