Poem-Our God is so amazing

By Alexi Markou

Poem-Our God is so amazing

October 22, 2016 About Chirst 0

Being positive works best whenever and wherever you might be,

Days fill with worries and fear, but Jesus is the key,

It’s hard to let the dumbbells go when I think I can do it all on my own,

But HE takes the weight of our shoulders and he has shown,

Shown us how much he cares, how much he loves us, how He is always there,

You wander why and can’t wrap your mind around how much he cares,

Wow I know right! It’s crazy to know a person willing to forgive me,

As it says, “He loves like a hurricane and I am a tree.”

“Bending between the weight of his wind and mercy.”

Our God is amazing, is so good, Is so mighty, is so holy, is beyond words,

Lord, thank you for everything,I’m so thankful and everything thing goes to you Lord,

Even when I worry and feel ignored,

I just remember God never left my side,

He is my rock, my defender, my God, My hero, my guide,

Thank you Lord for another beautiful day!