Life lesson #Uno-Have Integrity

By Alexi Markou

Life lesson #Uno-Have Integrity

October 22, 2016 Life Lessons 0

Life lesson, # uno!

“Life’s like an empty box it doesn’t matter what comes out of it it matters what you put into it.”

Your probably thinking wow that’s pretty deep man, even deeper than the ocean. But truth is I heard this from a Christmas movie called,” Pete’s Christmas and it was actually awesome (you should watch it 10/10 from me) but back on track, the first lesson is from this quote that it’s saying all the things you do takes time it takes effort, it takes all hard work.

But sometimes in life we go for the easy way out or we go for the short cut in life. The easy way isn’t always the right way. For example, you are failing math and you take a test and happen to see that the answer sheet to the test is peaking out by your teachers desk, the easy way is tempting to look and get a good grade so you don’t fail math class, but the right way is to not do it and to do the right thing is don’t look and don’t cheat because if you get a bad grade it’s better than loosing your integrity to a small math test.

It doesn’t matter what you got on your test it matters how you got there how hard you worked and how much effort and passion you put into something whether it’s a test or something else in your life. REMEMBER take the right way not the easy way out of things !

Integrity- The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

“She who walks with integrity,walks securely.” Proverbs 10:9

“He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest ones,HE is a Sheild to those who walk in integrity.” Proverbs 2:7