By Alexi Markou


October 11, 2017 About Chirst 0

Pray. Wait. Trust

These three commands are what God has spoke to us in a season of obstacles, though at times these are incredibly difficult to follow through with. Who agrees? I struggle with letting go fully, with all my heart and soul, not just 1 arm, but all of me. Not only trusting in him, but even the process of waiting for our prayers can lead us to the response, “God why have you left me, have you forsaken me?” But he has not and WILL NOT leave you. Realize that the moment you start having a conversation with God he is right there listening, he may take 2 seconds or 5 years to reveal the answer to your prayers. Sometimes God doesn’t even reveal what we “asked” for, or in other words he will answer according to his perfect and good will, he knows what is best for us. He knows that, because he knows us, our mind and constant thoughts more than we know our own selves, like dang. God will not forget or leave you, unlike me that forgets what I ate like an hour ago. The crazy thing is sometimes God reveals the answers to our prayers we’ve been longing for and we don’t even realize it because our requested prayers are not what we needed. There are times when we have to trip over it to realize that God is  providing something better for us than what we could’ve ever asked for. It takes lots of prayer to him, crying out and truly confessing up our hearts, even though he know the littlest to biggest things going on. Second we need to wait and not just sit and wait, but wait patiently for his oh so perfect timing. Waiting patiently with a trustful heart and not wasting your time worrying or storming up the questions if God has left you, again HE WILL NOT. What I learned is while you wait patiently do not just sit, but stand and go share God’s word, make the best out of the situation you are in at the time.

Last of all, but one of the most important parts is to commit to him, in all your ways. Open your hands up and heart ready for surrender. Trusting in his ways when you feel like there is no end to the obstacles but there is, God is working on it, working on you and listening to your heart pouring out. Also as humans we can  become so stubborn and we do not even wanna confess up to it at times. We try to manipulate the outcome from what God is calling us to do! Asking God to use us is such a powerful prayer that when we say it that could mean traveling the world, moving schools, leaving to meet new people, getting a different job or even getting held back in a sport, which you may not realize God is calling you for something bigger. As Steven Furtick says, “Stop talking yourself out of things God has called you to do. ” Realize it. confess up to it. and trust God. It is hard my friends, but it is the way to go. “Your perspective will either become a prison or a passport”-Steven Furtick. Woah, hittin’ my heart like a truck with that. You can follow the pray. wait. trust and make a passport sharing for God’s kingdom cause it going places or we can trick our minds to stay in one place and not accept the calling because of our human desire to do what WE want. So when you cry out and are on your knees with God, feeling no step in the dark room, take that step. Pray constantly without stopping, through joy and pain. Wait patiently for his perfect timing that will right away or later come into place, and last of all trust him and let go of all the weight holding you back from your calling. I Still do not remember what I ate an hour ago I told you, but I do know that God’s presence is here, is within us and will not fail. Take heart, be still. Pray. wait. Trust.

“Many are the plans in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.” Proverbs 19-21