As I turn the halls In the school to my next class, I see the constant stance of each person as them self. The words fall out of their mouths like a volcanos lava almost hitting the sky lines. Fast and impactful. Words surround me of anger, love, gossip, the thoughts put out in the open. High school is a community of teens living out their life’s and as I walk everyday I myself am repeatedly come to the conclusion to bring the words of life or of death. Cussing is a big topic that is constantly brought to my ears by people. Asked, questioned, said to, head from, it’s something a HS student usually hears when they come to High School. People ask why I don’t cuss or do drugs, say this, do that with them, that’s simply because it brings life or death. Not literal, but your words can bring a light or a let down. You could be someone that never has cussed or try’s to not but still brings destruction, gossip, harsh jokes that are guaranteed to tear someone on the inside and they can tones of destruction towards one. In general are your words building up life to reach the sky’s or falling like a tower to the ground, crumpling. Our words are the reflection of our heart, it’s a billboard set above us for the people who pass us. Our thoughts, lead to our words and our words lead to our actions. Jesus says in Matthew that he will give to us an account for every single word we have spoken. I know we read those words and look past it not understanding the grasp we need to take. That’s a huge deal, our words, our texts our thoughts we are all accounted for. In Ephesians it says to not let any corrupting words come out of our mouths, only what is good for those who MIGHT hear. When you think no one will notice this encouragement And you think what the point to post it or say it, you never know what kind of broken hearted person is going through and needed that thing to lift them up from the thread they so desperately hang on to. It’s like the saying you never know who Jesus is or could be shown as so treat all with kindness, not in a favorable way towards specific people. Of course we will all slip up and at least stump our toe once, but Jesus offers forgiveness and graciously gives grace upon grace. Words have the power to create a future for a person, in a positive or negative way. Saying don’t give up can bring that person to therefore push on and run the extra mile more than they thought they could exceed. If we fill our heart with Jesus then it will come out to our actions, if we fill it with Destruction constantly then that’s the actions and words that will show up, but yes anyone could put a “mask” on and say they don’t do that but that won’t last forver, a mask gets hot you need to take it off, it’s not comfertable constantly wearing a mask in both ways. Let me leave you on this friends. WORDS HAVE WEIGHT. What comes out of our mouth reveals the heart we have inside.   What will you choose to speak in, life or death?