Making time for HIM

By Alexi Markou

Making time for HIM

January 7, 2017 About Chirst 0

Good morning, night,  afternoon or whatever time you are reading this, hey to all of you wonderful people!

So I know all of us have something we like a lot and sometimes takes up a lot of our time in the day, whether it is your phone, T.V, sports, art  or music. Whatever it might be I feel for me and some others(not saying everyone) but I feel we are always on our phones, or at least I am, and this past couple weeks something inside me was just not right, something felt missing and just plain. After sometime I soon realized it was my time with God that I was missing out on. When I would be on my phone and see my bible devotional pop up, I would slide it out the way and still stay on my phone for like another hour, which is not good. I wasn’t in his word I was living my life without making more time for the ONE. Soon I realized I was just reading my bible when I was struggling with something, not actually being and making time for him and the word. When I came to find what the problem was I was seeing the signs of God reveled to me through out my days, the same verse ( “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”-Matthew 6:33) appeared through my life everywhere, on Instagram, in songs, through what people talked about, including on YouTube! I was on YouTube, an amazing girl named Emma Jenkins has a YouTube and one of her new videos was called, “Wake, Pray, Slay.” She said something that really caught my attention, she talked about if you are cramming in the vocab words and studying it right before the test at school, then after the test walk out and forget the words what was the point of learning if we forget that, we don’t want to do that with our relationship we have with God. When we struggle it is the best reading the word and praying on it, but if he gave us this book of instructions he wants us to take our time and truly grasp it and not rush so you say,” oh I read it today, I am good for now.” The more we read and know about him the closer we get. It is like if we don’t talk to a friend in a couple months it might  awkward seeing them after so long, but when you are with your friend constantly the bond in your friendship grows so wonderfully strong,  just like our relationship with God. We get 86,400 seconds today, so for at least 5 minutes or a couple minutes take time out of your day for the one who gave you another day to live, oh we didn’t have to have another day BUT he gave it to us to glorify him. You can spend time with him through worship, through reading his word, through talking to him, just sitting in silence with him and admiring his beauty, there is so many different and wonderful ways to take time for our God, but today take some time to glorify him and just be with him, give praise to him, and put him first then that is when we see things right.

Also, I came across this phrase and man can I just tell you it hit pretty hard, ” If your not hungry for God,  your probably full of yourself.” Like wow, it can be so true sometimes, to be honest that has been me before full of some pride or full of putting you and the world in front of the ONE who created the world.


Have a wonderful day beloved and priceless children of  the one and only God 🙂