Blogmas 8-O Silent Night with a twist

By Alexi Markou

Blogmas 8-O Silent Night with a twist

December 20, 2016 Weekly B10G 0

It is me and my sister (Ainsley) back at the videos!

Today we thought we should take it out of our comfort zone and sing, yes it is very uncomfortable to do for me, but hey God calls us higher out of our comfort boxes to share with others.

While we were singing silent night, after we watched the video and couldn’t stop laughing at Ainsley’s high point singing faces and our silliness (Don’t worry she was laughing like crazy too and she is totally fine with this and she said to watch her and her face the whole time.) This was a fun thing to do and have fun with and not always be serious throughout it.

How I love my sista so much and her heart for doing this all for God’s glory and rocking it out!

5 more days till CHRISTmas!!!!!!