New year, same God!

By Alexi Markou

New year, same God!

January 1, 2018 Weekly B10G 0

New year, new me! Not exactly. Society can make us believe that New Year’s Day (today!) is a new start and if we have a problem/goal through the year we should hold it off until the new year and wait wait wait. But the thing is if GOD is calling you don’t let another second of the phone from heaven ring. We aren’t guaranteed tomorrow, that’s why everyday should be lived to its fullest. Our days on earth are a flourishing flower, but the wind can unexpectedly come over and blow it away to a place unknown. In a way it’s procrastination towards our problems, callings, or even livin’! I hear every year about New Years resolutions and it’s not bad to want to make changes for the better, but so many times it’s hard to not focus on the changes we want to make more than the cross we should be leaving our burdens at. This morning service spoke to me they said, ” This new year is NOT about bringing your past with you, yet it’s laying it down at the cross so that good may come out of it.” God puts a period to your past, not a comma he puts a period. The period doesn’t mean it’s over it just means that when you lay it at the feet of God Almighty, he gives you a new name. He doesn’t throw the book away yet it’s a new chapter leaving the old behind and bringing a new addition to your story. You don’t have to wait until the new year to give all your mess in your life to God and start over. God waits for you every single day, so why do we respond back in change only when it’s the new year? It only take a moment for God you change a heart and free you from all the bondage that holds you down. He has already won the victory against death and pursued you before you were even born, its us that needs to take that step out towards HIM.
I learned tons of new things, but here’s 3 main points that stuck out to me:
Something I have learned this year through all the roller costers in my life is GOD has and is always good- he is Faithful ALL the time. He has done nothing wrong, HE is the one who is omniscient and perfect in all his ways. Our human nature wants to control everything’s and say we know what’s best, we can easily be mistaken and place the blame on God yet for our choices we make.

Your circumstances can’t dictate your praise, it sure can persuade us at times to believe because of our painful and confusing circumstances-“What is the point to praise God if I don’t see that he is doing anything.”That’s the point of trust!! believing when you can’t see what’s going to happen next. You don’t have to see victory to believe it’s on its way! Just like wind is there, yet we can’t physically see wind , but we can see the effects on the swaying trees. “God is not subject to your circumstances, Your circumstances are subject to God.” -Allyson Rowe.
2017 taught me how to surrender even when change occurs because when you praise God even when it doesn’t make sense that’s when you’ll get the clarification you’re so desperately seeking. When you give all you have without question to God he will give you the desires of your heart. When you are comfortable sitting in a box of life surrounded with people, unable to see what’s outside the box. I encourage you friends STEP OUT of that box! There is so much more God wants to show you if only you would step out of the comfort-zone. Be comfortable with being uncomfortable. God calls us higher, calls us deeper than staying in a comfortable box.

In 2018 I hope it’s started with a step. A step of faith. A step of trust. A step of surrender. A step of living. Steps that lead to more incredible walks in your journey with God. God continues to amaze me in how he works everyday and all he’s done in my life all because I took the step of of this box of comfort. God has so much in store for every single one of you and I promise stepping out of that comfort zone and trusting him in the moment is one of the best things, you never know where he might lead you too but know whatever God does it’s for a reason and in the end you’ll understand if you don’t already. 2018!!! Goodness is on it’s way my friends!!!