Hola, Hi, Hello people!

By Alexi Markou

Hola, Hi, Hello people!

October 30, 2016 Weekly B10G 0

Good evening everyone! Today was a good day! God is so good, actually he is amazing, beyond words! I’m thankful for another day, I’m thankful I can make this blog and share with you of how amazing our God is and of my new daily/weekly blogging. I’m new at this so sorry, actually not sorry because you might have to get used to my randomness! But, let’s go to my past for a couple seconds…….throwback to a time where I was sitting around the campfire with my friends talking and it was so cool to just have down to earth talks with them.IMG_1454

The funny thing is my friend thought it would be fun to grab those little sticks or straw like sticks and catch the end on fire but it burns away in one second cause it’s very thin and  it can’t actually catch a full fire flame cause it can’t. But, I had the thing burn off than I went to tell her something and you know when you move your hands when you talk I was doing that to tell her something and I look at her and she has the funniest face on, like she just ate a bug or something it was like a freaked out face, and I forgot I was still holding the little branch and she thought it was about to hit her since I got so close and it was a little burnt still! That’s my random throwback of the day! Remember kids to not do that at home LOL. But, hope all of you all have a beautiful rest of your day! October 29,2016

“You keep me in perfect peace as I trust in you.” Isaiah 26:3 🙂