Blogmas 5-He has a plan

By Alexi Markou

Blogmas 5-He has a plan

December 17, 2016 Weekly B10G 0

Everyone hey!!!!! Again this blog is late but it’s okay my best thinking I guess is at night maybe that can explain my grades in school… I am just kidding but the true is I do think best at night for some reason I have all my best thoughts, and ideas at this late time, weird right? But I thought I would pour my mind out to you guys and whats on my heart


School can be hard, life is tough, times are stressed,BUT God is there,

Sometimes I just have to sit and soak in his word while I praise him,

maybe not sing out loud because the words are processing in my head,

down to my knees but I feel as up in the light when your here, always,

Close my eyes to hear your voice and my thoughts roaming around,

Praying for them and asking what will happen whats your will to the way,

With my future, what will I do is on my mind often,

I need to realize that his plan is there, he knows it, he knows,

Does any one relate, just these deep conversations I wanted to share ,

Been on my heart just sitting there, but why let it sit when it can run free and make known to others ,

Like God’s word when we feel uncomfortable or not we should share his word,

That feeling,that nudge you feel or that word placed on your heart,

It is him calling you higher to build his kingdom up, its all apart of his plan your life,

I’m somewhere but with God i’m somewhere else, but still here,

His glory shining through and shining to all,

The fire for Christ shall never burn out, but keep it going and that light making the world we live in but are not apart of a brighter joyful place,

He calls us to share and make disciples of all nations,

I have been wanting to go on a trip on missions and help and even if I can’t at the moment or anything,

I’ve learned that if it’s his will he will always make a way and I have grown to know that you can share in your our neighbor hood, house, or even state, so don’t think of how you can not go, but do something while you wait for the amazing journey he will take you on and what is to come !We are all  running that race with him, running toward his open arms, WOW how beyond words is HE.

This was so random, but then again that is me,  I warned you at my home page 🙂

But, I felt a need to let that out and to tell you my thoughts on some amazing things God does and for you to not worry because he has a plan for everyone one of our life’s,



Also I almost forgot you are probably wondering, why? that wasn’t even related to Christmas at all…..It is my thoughts on how the world and these things might relate to you, but God has a plan, has his will for your way in life, so stay with him though it all even the hardest parts, that is just one out of many  things on  how amazing HE is, I know WOAH that is AMAZING!!! agreed.


” Be still, let Go and let God.” Psalm 46:10