Blindly Changing The World

By Alexi Markou

Blindly Changing The World

March 14, 2018 Uncategorized 0

Hello! Long time no read, amirte? I know it’s been awhile since I got to blog.

But I’m back and I’m here with this incredible story to share with you all. BUT before I start the story, let me educate you on the somewhat “background story.” You should know that it’s been tough at my house. My parents have split and we are moving across from the hot desert state to the humid countryside by the end of this school year. In all honesty, through it all I’ve become so angry, blaming people, blamed God, blamed everything on anyone who wasn’t me. Not saying that its mine, it’s just where God’s placing us at the moment and I’ve been trying to work on rejoicing continually.  Along with this blaming it brought forth this feeling of distance between God and its as if I just saw my friend after not speaking to them for somewhat amount of weeks. It’s this distance between us that would grow farther and farther apart all because I chose to push, push, push away God to follow my sinful nature! But I’ve been working on putting myself aside and surrendering all I have to the only one who actually knows what’s best for me. GOD. Yet it’s a work in progress every day to let go by fully surrendering to receive the satisfying peace and joy from HIM.


Now let’s zoom to last Wednesday morning, I woke up tired as usual because I didn’t wake up past 9. That’s a high school student for ya…or is it just me? Well, every day, since the beginning of the school year I have tried my best to hold the door before my first-period class, every morning. People walk by with thank you’s and some with not even any eye contact, but that’s okay. I just have to remember that We aren’t called to take action to get action from people, but called to take action for God’s glory. To love on those even when it’s hardest to love. To preach the words whether it fills or empties a room. To be kind even if you don’t get the appreciation for it.  As I kept those words in my head, I continued to hold the door for people no matter if hate or love came from it because God never said doing things out of your comfort zone was easy, but he sure as heck knows what’s best and at the perfect time. As I held the door open that day this girl walks past me and I fastly said, trying to speak before she walked out,  “I love your shirt!” and something I would have never expected happened. she stopped me. Grabbed my shoulders looked me in the face (like a coach would to their athletes while giving them a pep talk) and genuinely said, THANK YOU. She said thank you for holding this door every day, she explained with care how much it meant to her for me to do that, she told me I was precious  and I’ve never met this girl previously before and she said can I give you a hug ?… so as I stood amazed and honestly slightly in shock I went to hug her. And that’s also the story of how I made a new and super sweet friend that day!! You see, that little encounter was the encouragement I needed that morning. My action helped her and her action helped me. We never know what someone is fighting at their home and how God can use us in their life. That’s why it takes faith in God to trust where he is leading us.  Simply because we don’t know everything.We both stepped out of our normal comfort zones and it affected us each greatly. We are both blindly changing a world of darkness with light by simple acts of kindness.


But you all should know before I came into High school and before I started holding the door, I got advice to not wear certain things or hold the door because it creates too much attention as a freshman, that I’m a target….then I thought…GOOD! I realized that the more people who see, the more people become curious about my actions and become aware that God really does change lives and that HE is alive working in us all. God is on the move! I didn’t realize that little effort I made every day of putting my foot and hand on a door could have such an effect on a person. You see, so often we choose to decline the little and big messages God sends us, we fear the judgment of people and begin to overthink. Let me encourage you. DO IT. take a step if God is calling you. Do it without thought, if you know God’s nudging to a person/place.When you jump out of your comfort zone to receive God’s calling you are blindly changing the world! It was such a God thing and the crazy thing is how I’ve never seen her and she repeated the word precious over and over. I’ve never had someone say, “I’m precious” that is not a common word people use in our culture. They use cute, sweet, kind. But I’ve never had some call me that. It’s very rare to me, so when she used the word it took me by surprise and I immediately was jaw dropped mentally because it reminded me of how even though my personal life gets hard God says you’re my child you are precious to me and I love you even through the storm. It’s astounding how the faith we have the size of a mustard seed can produce such amazing and extravagant things. It produces eye-opening moments and new blessings along the way.


Personally, I tend to overthink when it comes to stepping out, but it’s something I’m continually working on every day. I’ve learned that when I step out, every time I do I instantly think, ” Why didn’t I trust God before ?!” I have to constantly remember that God will never ever let me down! He is SO faithful! So when I don’t put my trust in him I waste opportunities that can grow me by choosing to step on them instead of stepping INTO them. I encourage you all, take a step of faith because in Christianity there is a measure of faith that needs to be taken. This is just the beginning, my friends. The things you do and you think nah I’ll wait or no that’s not going to make a difference. STOP THOSE DOUBTS AND START REMEMBERING GODS TRUTH. The actions we make do make differences and impacts on people, regardless good or bad, they do. This girl coming up to me just opened my eyes to see that little things matter. I know it’s a struggle when serving God to not want this big platform to share and to have this huge name get out in the open, but maybe God’s “big call” is calling you to just hold the door at your school. Maybe he’s calling you to write those blogs even if only 5 people follow it.(2 counting you and your mom)(that was literally me when I started and now I have so many amazing people reading these!) You are still being a huge light by doing little things! Even in our family, we look past it but we are placed there for a purpose, to love and be lights to the people who can even annoy us!

-When you want to tell someone that their shirt is amazing, compliment someone on their haircut, hold the door, go up to a stranger in your school hallways and introduce yourself, I promise you that every time I place my faith in him I am blown away by the outcome. I can not explain how many new opportunities, friends and moments that have hit me like a truck with truth have come to me all because I spoke out with faith in God and didn’t hesitate to go out of my comfort box. Let’s stop putting God in the box and start going out of ours!

Here is the bottom line of what God’s been telling me:

-Random acts of kindness start chain reactions, so don’t stop because you don’t visually see or hear people say they thank you

-Faith like a mustard seed can move mountains

-God is always faithful, he will never let you down

-Don’t be afraid because you’re already planning out the worst of what could happen. Leap out in faith because you never know what life changing and eye-opening opportunities can outcome from it

-When you have faith in God, following through, everything will work for his will and his will is perfect!

-Gods ‘big’ call doesn’t have to literally be big, it can be holding the door, just like I do.


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-“Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go.”1:9

-“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” Matthew 5:16

-“The cross is before me and the world is behind me.” Steven Furtick

-“All because the limitless God lives within me-I WILL FIGHT.” Steven Furtick

-“He replied, “Because you have so little faith. Truly I tell you, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” Matthew 17:20


I’m praying for all of you and I hope your day is amazing! Step out in faith and just wait to see what amazing things God has in store for you! 🙂

(If you have any specific prayer requests, feel free to go to the “Contact me” slide and send it in!)