Pray for your eniemes

By Alexi Markou

Pray for your eniemes

December 8, 2016 I was a poet and didn't know it 0

The people I face in life,

They are in the world, I see some in strive,

It causes damage to my heart,seeing the faces lost,

With no directions, not knowing of HIM that payed on the cross,

Pray for your enemies,


Their doors locked, immovable with no key

Why does it go, but remember HE is in control

Lord, I pray for those missing your beauty of clues,

Stuck with suffering of the world’s abuse,

Heal them, cleanse them, make them new,

Whole in you, only way through life is you,

So much thoughts fly in my head, for now I will send,

Send my prayers, plant a seed, you need the seed,

The seed the start,flowers don’t just come up to be,

that is Gods way, his plan for our time,

HE is a million, we the dime, he knows, I pray please,

Pray for your eniemes,

All to you, Lord