Answered prayers

By Alexi Markou

Answered prayers

November 7, 2016 I was a poet and didn't know it 0

Them over there, how wonderful,

They laugh and talk it is colorful,img_1739

It is something so simple to know,

That he is with us where ever we may go,

You may not hear but you see,

You see his many blessing for he and she,

I’m thankful, I’m thankful for them,

Them, You ask who it is,

My brothers ans sisters in Christ,

HE died and payed all debt, it’s the ultimate price,

He answers prayers and you might not see what they come,

Something you might not think but blessing in disguise you don’t always see their gum,

Hidden but right in front of your face,

He does all things for a reason, he put those people in that place,

Giving me those people to make music and  eat chicken noodle soup with,

Timing so perfect, he’s always been working on the time, while I think it will be prayer fifth,

Those who put an arm of comfort around as we all pray to him,

Positive vibes fill with light and no darkness, never dim,

Send a signal of positivity to one another,

After all they are you sister and brothers,

I thought I was never going to fit in,

Until I found a perfect love, I didn’t have to be the worlds twin

We are made in his image and so much more,

He answered my prayers with providing those that HE adores,

Praise be to you, Joyful in all, Rejoicing to you, thankful for HE,

He who loves you all, who loves me.