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By Alexi Markou

I am not ashamed

High school. It is a scary place amirite….Nah don’t worry but for me, I just started High school this year and let me just tell you it ain’t high school musical people, though that would be so cool randomly having a choreographed dance for no reason during class. High school in real life though scares some of…
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September 16, 2017 0

Renewing of the mind

Goodmorning to all out there! Hey! yes, I haven’t seen, well talk to you all for a couple of months, and I will explain why. Recently life has been throwing a lot at me, just starting high school (scary yes (; ), new responsabilites, struggles in the family emotionally, a lot of choices have come to me and…
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August 19, 2017 0

Going the extra mile -Life Lesson #5

Don’t you like it when someone might hold the door for you, complement you on your style, or even going the extra mile and they willingly do a task for you when you didn’t ask, it feels nice. I’m sure at one point that has happened to you, but if it hasn’t don’t let that…
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May 23, 2017 0

A Constant Relationship

Good week to you all and May the 4th be with you all! ( Ya I know you have heard that a thousand times today- but hey I had to…) Besides that, I hope all of you have been having a good week. I know for me my school year is about to end this month…
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May 5, 2017 0


Good day to all of you awesome people! Do you like to travel around to different places, adventure new things, explore the place we live in? I know that I am always up for an adventure, it is fun to get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new that you have never experienced…
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April 24, 2017 0

A Prayer of Faith

Friends. What are those? Not meaning I don’t have any, so I don’t know……right ? But seriously, friends, what is the first thing to come to your head? It is probably an image of a friend of yours or someone you are close too, right? It is because a friend means someone who has a…
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March 24, 2017 0

Making Disciples

I feel I have been struggling with waiting on God and during that time I just sit and do nothing, even when the answer is sometimes right in front of me.  Everyday is another opportunity to plant the seed of Jesus to others and build up God’s kingdom whether it is local, in your house or out traveling the…
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March 14, 2017 0

Waking up with a joyful heart<3

Happy day everyone! Today is such a beautiful day because we got the opportunity from God to live another day out all for His glory! I feel sometimes we don’t even realize or think of being alive as a gift. For example, waking up in the morning and the first thing we go to do…
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February 22, 2017 0

Planting the seed, not the flower

In life we as Christ followers are called by our heavenly Father to share his word, and in all of it glorify him. In my past and recently, I have realized that sometimes we have people that either don’t know God or need some reconnecting with him and of course we as Christ followers are…
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February 1, 2017 0

Making time for HIM

Good morning, night,  afternoon or whatever time you are reading this, hey to all of you wonderful people! So I know all of us have something we like a lot and sometimes takes up a lot of our time in the day, whether it is your phone, T.V, sports, art  or music. Whatever it might…
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January 7, 2017 0