By Alexi Markou


April 24, 2017 About Chirst 0

Good day to all of you awesome people!

Do you like to travel around to different places, adventure new things, explore the place we live in? I know that I am always up for an adventure, it is fun to get out of your comfort zone and go somewhere new that you have never experienced before.  All of it is exciting, but an adventure has it’s ups and it’s down. For example, last summer my family and I decided to go hang with family in California. On the drive there we had fun, got to know each other better and do new things. Of course, along the way we got lost or took the wrong road at least once, in our lives, we also got stuck in LA traffic. After the struggles, we made it visit our friends there and it was so much fun we had such an amazing time! Just like this adventure of mine had ups, it also had downs or difficulty to get there. Being lost or on the wrong road sometimes it is like our relationship with God. Our journey with God isn’t always perfect because we sin, just like LA traffic we get stuck for some time or maybe a little time, but God is there always. Our time on Earth is tiny compared to the end, the world is just our pit stop to ETERNITY, not like 10 more years after this pit stop, but FOREVER with the one !!!!!

LA traffic=  sin and temptations that try to hold us back from GOD

Different ways to get to the destination= free will

Destination=eternity with God/ being apart of God’s family

Stops/ different cities and new places=adventures with God, being a disciple

Bridge= Jesus, the only way to GOD

Just like my goal for my trip was to make it to California to see our family, our goal in life is to go through this journey and share God’s word to others in need. When you start arriving closer it brings you closer to HIM, Jesus is the only one that can overfill our cup, the destination is eternity. A leader of mine at my church said what do you choose, ” To go on the ship that is sinking with the devil, or the ship that is sailing to eternity with God.” It is your choice how your adventure will end, if only you let him into your life that could take a moment he could be with you forever.

*We get the choice along the way to go across the bridge (Jesus is the bridge to God) and repent of our sins, but God also has already chosen us before we choose him. HE wants you and HE loves you no matter where you are on your adventure.

Here is some of my “stops and new things” along the way on my journey with God.

-Opportunity to worship THE GREAT I AM in the band!      -Getting to share my testimony to my friends


Have a blissful, MEGA SPECTACULAR day everyone! 🙂

GOD has such beautiful plans for you all in your adventure with him!